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About Points

The 33third Points system is a way for our customers to earn extra rewards in a multitude of different ways. Customers are able to earn points from purchasing products, completing tasks on the site, sharing different aspects of the site to social networks and hitting dollar amount purchase tagets on an order, weekly, monthly, yearly and lifetime basis. To start earning points all you need to do is create a Account!

The amount of points 33third customers can earn varies depending on the item, dollar amount targets and task completed. All points earned by a customer are tracked via their account

Earning Xtra Points - At times 33third will set up Xtra Points offers attached to specific items or tasks that give customers a chance to earn a specific amount of extra points for purchasing that specific item or completing a specific task.  Xtra Points are offered on a limited basis for a limited time and are not available outside of the promotional parameters set up for that specific Xtra Points offer.

About Points

33third Brands Points (Brand Based Points)

33third Brand Points is a secondary point system on created with our partner brands that lets 33third customers earn partner Brand specific points for redemption for partner Brand specific items in addition to 33third Points. Brand specific points are earned by purchasing specific Brands from as well as completing Brand specific tasks.  Points are earned and saved in user accounts and can be redeemed for Brand specific products through

About Points

View Your Points Earned

To view the 33third and Brand Points customers’ have earned, customers can log into their user account and click on the Points Manager tab.  Within the Points Manager tab there are stats and breakdowns of points earned to date.  There is also a link within the Points Manager tab that lets users redeem their points for products both from the Points Redemption shop and each Brand Specific Redemption Shop.

Redeeming Points (33third & Brand Specific)

Both 33third and Brand Specific points are redeemable from within their specific redemption shops on When a customer has earned enough points to redeem an item from one of the redemption shops, the customer can add that item to their cart and checkout as they would any other item.  The only items that the customer is able to add to their cart from the redemption shops are items they can afford based on their current points earned.  If the redeemed item is the only item in their cart, the user will need to pay for the shipping for that item as points earned do not cover the shipping on goods redeemed throufh the Redemption Shops.  In the event that the customer already has items in their cart then they will be charged shipping as they would any normal order.

We will be updating this with more details as we get closer to a complete launch!
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