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About Us

33third is the leading online supplier of spray paint and related art supplies in the United States. Since 2006, 33third has offered artists high-end and specialized brands of street art supplies including artist aerosol paints, aerosol caps, inks, markers, mixed-media art supplies and related street art books, magazines, and videos. 33third's success is due to its artists’ community whose demand has created the mix of products and services offered.


33third's retail location is nestled in the Mid-City area of Los Angeles where artists can walk in, talk to experts and other artists. Behind the retail store, Los Angeles Art Yard hosts a variety of events to showcase top and unique street artists and best practices for product usage. The company's website, allows artists from across the United States to purchase the  high-end and sometimes obscure art supplies and have them delivered right to their door.


As a retailer, is always searching for the best quality and unique supplies for their clientele. As the hub of street art supplies, know-how and connections, 33third concentrates on developing close ties with well-known and emerging street artists. 33third aims to create a demand for both their products and in-residence artists by creating advantageous bridging opportunities with the artists and non-profit, business and community organizations.

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