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Shipping & Returns


Shipping & Returns Overview:

We will cover all of our shipping charges and information here.  If and when we update or change our shipping costs and/or methods we will update this section so that you as a customer of are made aware of changes and updates to our shipping policies. If you have questions or concerns regarding our policies we encourage you to contact us, via our contact form on  Please note we do not accept returns unless it is for specific reasons stated below. We do our best to offer the best and fastest possible shipping services for our customers and are always interested in receiving feedback regarding our shipping methods, policies, and procedures.

01. Shipping Methods
All of our shipments currently ship via UPS ground strictly to the lower 48 states of the United States of America normally within 24-48 hours of receiving an order during the business week. However, because our products are specialty items and due to their unique nature and limited distribution channels in the USA we can experience delays in receiving shipments which can impact and delay turn around times. We do our best to plan for production and inventory shortfalls from the manufacturers we carry, but their limited worldwide supply and exceeding demand will at times can cause disruptions in shipping times. Our goal as a company is to always inform our customers of these issues so adjustments can be made. Last, please note that due to the nature of the products we carry and their regulation by the Federal Transportation Authority we are only allowed to ship via ground shipping.

02. Where We Ship To
The restriction of our products to Ground only shipping limits us to shipping strictly to the lower 48 states of the United States of America. We are unable to ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or any american province separated by Ocean.

We do not ship to International addresses at this time.  

03. Shipping Costs
With the launch of the latest version of we have shifted our shipping rates to a combination of Flat Rate and FREE shipping.  We offer FREE shipping on large bulk orders (over 300 cans).  For orders under 300 cans we offer a LOW FLAT RATE of $10.

04. Our Shipping Provider
We ship all of our packages exclusively through UPS via their GROUND method of shipping.  If you want to estimate the amount of time it will take for an order to reach you from our warehouse, you can run shipping estimates via

05. Package Tracking
Tracking is included with every order sent via UPS ground and can be tracked at with the tracking number you are provided when your order is filled at our warehouse. You can always view your package tracking and status through your Account, in your order tabs and then clicking on the specific order number DETAILS button.  If you scroll down a little bit you will see your shipping information.

06. Package Insurance
Every Package is automatically insured up to $100.00.  For the most part this is probably ok, unless the package for some reason is lost. We do offer you the option to insure your package if it exceeds $100 for an additional dollar amount when you check out. 

07. Return Shipments - Address Error
Please make sure that you review and double check your shipping information!  In the event that we have erroneously entered in the incorrect address for your package and it is returned to us. We will correct the address on our end and resend the package at no cost to you.

In the event that the address provided to us is incorrect and the package is returned we will need to charge you a second flat $10 delivery fee to send your package back out to the correct address. 

In the event that the address provided to us is incorrect and the package is returned and you do not wish us to resend the order to the corrected address, we will refund you the order grand total MINUS the $10 delivery fee and a 20% restocking fee. Our restocking fee percentage is calculated off of the subtotal of your order.

08. Our Packaging Methods
We strive to make sure that EVERY package we send out arrives to you looking exactly as it does when we seal the package for shipment.  To do this we double box larger orders and provide heavy fill material within the package to ensure the least amount of movement of the products as possible.  For smaller orders we use smaller compact shipping boxes with maximum fill protection to again insure as little movement as possible during shipment.
Our packing tape is tested and approved for use with packages being shipped via UPS. To ensure our boxes arrive intact we will double seal any ends that allow the package to be opened, even though a single strip is all that is recommended. We want to make sure you get your package intact and correct the FIRST time!

09. Gift Cards - Shipping
We include every gift card purchased in an Card and envelope to insure they are protected and have a quality Gift presentation. If you purchase a gift card along with your other materials, the Gift Card will be included within the package containing your order. If you purchase a gift card by itself without other art materials, the Gift Card will be packaged in a card and envelope and sent via United States Postal Service CERTIFIED or PRIORITY Mail.

10. Books and Magazines - Packaging
When packing Books and Magazines we enclose all books and magazines in a plastic bag. This is to give these items protection from small scratching that can occur while the shipment is being transported.  We also do this to help insure against the worst case scenario of a spray can, marker, or ink bottle leaking within the package.  This way if that situation does occur the leaked item will not harm the book or magazine.

11. Marker and Ink Packaging
To help insure that your package arrives intact, we try to seal ink and paint markers, mops, and refill bottles in sealed plastic bags.  This is to protect the rest of the package contents as well as the packing materials them selves in the event that a marker, mop, or refill bottle leaks or breaks.   

12a. I Had A Can, Marker, or Ink leak/break in shipment, what should I do?
While we do not offer returns on used or unused product, sometimes the worst happens and a can, marker, or ink will leak or break during shipment. While this is a rare ocurrance due to our careful packaging methods, we want to make sure you are happy as a customer.  Issues like this are handled on a case by case basis and as long as you can show that it did occur and the request is reasonable we can work out a solution.

12b. I Had A Color Substituted - What Should I Do?
While we do our best to represent our current color inventory, there are times that items are oversold due to errors on the site, inventory supply issues technical errors and more. If there are 1 or 2 colors missing on larger orders we will substitute with the next closest color as long as there is a similar hue.  If there are more than 1 or 2 color substitutions on larger orders our policy is to hold the order and call the recipient for an ok to substitute colors and ship their order.  For smaller orders (6 cans/markers/inks or less) we will call before making any substitutions.  

Please note that if we have held an order due to number of color substitutions we WILL NOT ship that order until we have had an ok to ship that order with the necessary substitutions.

If we do not have a particular color in a particular brand and no close substitutes within that brand, we will then suggest to the customer an equivalent color in a similar or better product line at no additional charge to the customer.  We will do our best to NOT substitute an equivalent color in a different brand without contacting the customer first and receiving an "ok" to make that adjustment. At no time will we suggest or substitute with a lesser brand unless requested by the customer.

In the event that you are unhappy with a color substitution we do apologize, we do our best to ensure that orders are filled as accurately as possible and will do our best to work out a reasonable solution.  However as long as a color substitution falls within the guidelines of the above parameters then our position is that the order has been fulfilled.  

12c. Spray Paint Dents and Dings
At times you may receive spray cans with dents and dings.  This is normal and natural.  Spray can accumulate dents and dings at any time between the manufacturing process - to shipping to distributor - to shipping to a retailer like - to shipping to you the customer.  Dents and dings DO NOT affect the functionality and quality of the spray paint.  We strive to eliminate all possibility of new dents and dings when we carefully pack the Spray Paint we send you, however they can still occur if the package is handled roughly by our shippers.  We cannot return or refund cans with Dents and/or Dings as this is a normal occurrence with spray paint cans and do not negatively affect the paint functionality.

13. A Product I purchased from does not work!
If you purchase a product from and it does not work due to a manufacturing defect or error we will work with you and the manufacturer to get your item either replaced or a different viable solution worked out.

If there is anything related to the packaging and shipping of products purchased on that we did not or forgot to cover here, please feel free to let us know via our contact us form

14. Free Items and Promotional Items!
If you are purchasing from, during the checkout process you may be offered a free item as as thank you for ordering over a certain dollar amount.  If we are out of stock of the free item you selected, we may at times substitute that free item with another free item within the same free item tier.  Typically we will only substitute that free item if there is some sort of inventory/stock issue with the free item you did choose.  Substituting a free item is a rare occurance but can happen due to shipment delays, production delays etc. If we feel that a restock of a free item will severely impact the turn around time of your order we will make a decision to make a comparable substitution. 

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